Adhesive Backed Protective Films

Adhesive Backed Protective Films

These films are ideal for protection of sensitive surfaces. These protective films are easy to use, sunray resistant, highly resistant to temperature changes, and can be removed easily and clearly.
Therefore, adhesive backed protective films are suitable for industrial and architectural applications.
Application of adhesive backed protective films:
1. Aluminum composite panels; Galvanized color coated sheets:
Easy use and removal, color stability on aluminum sheets, environmental advertising on facades due to high-quality printing, sunray-proof on painted aluminum sheets.
2. UPVC profiles:
Preventing surface color change, preventing scratches, environmental advertising due to high-quality printing.
3. Stainless Steel Sheets:
Deep and semi-deep molding, prevention of scratches, printing capability on packaging films for environmental ads, long-lasting quality and glossy surface.
4. Automotive Industries:
Long-term protection of plastic surfaces and painted body, prevention of scratches, flexible on textured or curved surfaces.
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