5 layer Thermoforming Films

The 5-layer films made of EVOH or polyamide help avoid spoilage by keeping oxygen and odors out, while keeping the flavor, aroma and atmosphere inside where they belong. This protects the value and quality of foods and prolongs shelf life without artificial additives.

Laminated Mixed Films

These products are manufactured in 2 or 3 different layers by lamination technique. The final product achieves printing quality stability in storage and distribution process, improved glossy appearance and other profitable properties of films altogether.

Self-adhesive Protection Films

These films are ideal for protection of sensitive surfaces. These protective films are easy to use, sunray resistant, highly resistant to temperature changes, and can be removed easily and clearly.

Adhesive Backed Protective Films

Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) Bags

With three Reifenhauser 3-layer film production lines for FFS bags and with production capacity of 8000 tons FFS films per year, we are honored to be recognized as the largest unit of its kind in Iran.

Custom Printed Plastic Bags

Today, custom printed bag is an effective strategy for environmental ads of industries, stores and publishers. Its popularity in our country shows that attractive and beautiful prints along with high quality bags are vital ways with which brands get their names out there.

3 layer and 5 layer Dairy and Milk Packaging

3-layer Pripack Film for Packaging Dairy Products